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Rhett Committed Murder (Audible Doctor Remix)

from Brown Label Part 2 by Brown Bag AllStars

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Audible Doctor:

It seems as though Rhett committed murder,
And I'm party to the crime see the beat is the pistol and all the bullets are lines,
Each word's a fragment left embedded in your skull,
All with a risk you'll bleed out if the doctor tries to pull,
We can't save him, too bad the years of hearing bullshit made him to weak to take it when he played them,
The sound ruptures your tweeters clipping your meters rip though your speakers to smack your ass in the face with the bass drum, (bung)
I'm done, could give a fuck when kids front,
This inner-net (Internet) shit's only good to hold my nuts in swim trunks,
Jump in punk and get your shit lumped by the Brown Bag cats with the Beat Junkies when this shit thumps


I'm Jack Donaghy loan sharkin' the fee for brothels
Beef and broccoli rockin, old E and falafel
Scientology, each word is fuckin retarded
Rhettmatic on the beat, what the fuck have you started?
Chillin' with Preem, drinking 40's at HeadQcourterz
Recording the GOAT's cuts, something should be said for the
Fact we're the most slept on & underrated
Brooklyn, New York City, painting murals with the blood of haters
Keeping tabs on who's down and who's not
Fuck the fads and who's now and who's hot
My only downfalls the fact that I'm so honest
'cause me and Element will you run for your foamposites


Soul Khan:

Should we kick it with the in-crowd, shit why now?
Son, I'd rather split the in-crowd's inside out
With a lumber saw, why the fuck are y'all doing somersaults
Over throwaway lines I'd just white-out?
Most avant garde shit is all hot garbage
That's why I came down and brought y'all carnage
And spit raw venom, handle-bar stash and the stonewashed denim
So who really want it with Soul Khan Lennon?
My girl ain't Yoko
I'm no Van Peebles, my work ain't Solo
Conjure up an opera like Sergei Proko'
And stay fat like my first birthday photo


I've watched many climb many fall should've locked the harness in
The hook is part to blame for the look that starts to garnish him
Damn, Gina what if you were half the man that Martin is
Pardon him on a whim could win without your heart in it
Stop name dropping those names don't even know your name partner
The game's watching if great your name will make for great options
Props how I live my living makes living worth it
You listen to different verses than tell me I didn't merk it
Than persons that purchase their living curving our vision
It's purses missing what isn't when persons purpose is twisting
The merchants mergers are vicious We're served in furnaces it with 'em
It surfaced hurting in millions the vultures serving to fill em now kill 'em


from Brown Label Part 2, released September 4, 2012
Produced by The Audible Doctor


all rights reserved



Brown Bag AllStars Brooklyn, New York

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